The team of Antonio Pappalardo


Marco Bagossi

Pizzaiolo & Pastry chef

He arrived in Cascina when he was very young. Today he is the Pizzeria Department Manager.
Commitment, perseverance and passion are just some of the elements which distinguish him. In addition, with the knowledge gained in recent years, he gives us his valuable contribution to drawing up the dessert list (also seasonal and constantly evolving).

Mario Salvatore


Antonio’s brother-in-law, he has been in Cascina since Cascina was born, in 2007. Mario, given his long experience, takes care of the cooking in our wood oven, one of the most important and delicate phases.

Paolo Parmeggiani


After attending the Hospitality Training Institute and the Higher Training class in Cast Alimenti, he arrives in Cascina dei Sapori to support Marco, Andrea and Mario with the aim of learning the profession of pizza chef.

La Giusy


Antonio’s mother, has thirty years experience in catering. She deals with the preparation of fry foods and the proposals from the kitchen. Spirit of sacrifice and the willpower to always be right in the game are two characteristics that distinguish her, an example for everyone.

Rosana Suarez Sol

Cook assistant

She started in Cascina as dishwasher and today, after an important professional growth, she joins Giusy both in the preparation of the kitchen line and during the service.

Lahiru Dehipiti


Young and willing, he is new in Cascina dei Sapori. He is a very humble and positive person.



The team in the hall dress

Alessandra Bonera

Antonio’s wife, in Cascina since the opening.
She has been trained as a professional educator; this has allowed her to have the right approach to the role she covers right from the start: welcoming customers and managing reservations.

Alessandro Hoch

Sommelier, Head Waiter and Hall Manager

Two degrees and a certificate as AIS professional sommelier.
Antonio has identified in him the reference person who could act as a filter with the other hall staff members. Great sense of responsibility and continuous research of producers allowed him to develop a very interesting wine, beer and spirits menu.

Christian Andreoli


After graduating from the catering college and subsequent experiences in important accommodation facilities in Garda Lake area, Christian arrived in Cascina with the desire to continue his professional growth and to bring his know-how in our hall: objectives achieved.

Nazar Zhuravskyy


After attending the catering college and working in various restaurants, he arrived in Cascina in 2015 as a professional barman. In addition to the preparation of cocktails and drinks, management and organization of the bar, he takes care of the cafeteria, attending continuous refresher classes at our coffee suppliers’ roasting company.

Irvana Cicero


Lots of experiences in Italy and abroad for Irvana. Right now, she covers an essential role for Cascina dei Sapori, thanks to her knowledge of foreign languages. Humility and determination mark her human being.

Giuseppe Ponziani


Francesco’s brother, he also works in the family pastry shop and bakery.
He joined us recently, he is in the hall for a few days a month, he does his job with professionalism and dedication.

Maria Mattanza


After attending the catering college and working in a Hotel in Garda Lake area, Maria arrived in Cascina dei Sapori bringing more professionalism and courtesy.