La Cascina dei Sapori is now a place of worship for gourmet pizza.


You would never say that one of the best gourmet pizza restaurant is located in Rezzato, in the province of Brescia, and that’s a 30 years old boy to make it.
Antonio Pappalardo will instead amaze you in his Cascina dei Sapori with a series of pizzas with different flavours, delicate, or full and greedy.


Antonio Pappalardo, young and passionate, brings together his classic Neapolitan pizzas, the crunchy in-pan pizza in the Roman style and the slices of the gourmet pizza.
Quick cooking and sumptuous condiments complete the profile.


Here, at the city of Brescia gates, in La Cascina dei Sapori, you will find everything you need to meet a superlative experience if pizza is your passion.



Taste all the menus that Antonio Pappalardo will propose you, driving you on a journey to discover all his kinds of dough, different cooking techniques and textures (Elle Gourmet)

and his team

Determination and passion have allowed me to be lucky enough to transform what I love in my job and to express my creativity through my dishes and to share it with anyone who comes to meet me at La Cascina Dei Sapori.

Our Place

The ten years of La Cascina dei Sapori, celebrated in 2017, give you the idea of how much Antonio Pappalardo has been and still is precocious: born in 1988, he was only 19 when he opened the doors for the first time . Now in his thirties, Antonio has consolidated his own insignia and his reputation. (Identità golose)


Passion, curiosity, desire to take the challenge with humility, but great determination. This is, in a nutshell, the personality of Antonio Pappalardo
(Il Giornale di Brescia)