Master Pizzaiolo

Fundamental to me are the quality of the products, which I choose based on seasonality and the strong desire to always keep me up with the evolution of the leavened bakery and cooking world, aiming at an innovation that without knowledge of raw materials would not make sense.

Determination and passion have allowed me to be lucky enough to transform what I love in my job and to express my creativity through my dishes and to share it with anyone who comes to meet me at La Cascina Dei Sapori.
“A. Pappalardo”


I cannot say when my passion for cooking began, because I am convinced she was born with me, and she always accompanied me. Since I was a child I loved helping my parents while working in their restaurant, and it was not just a game, there was something more.

Something was probably beginning to make me understand what my path would be, and I always tried to follow it. It has been really following it that I chose the hotel school for my high school education, graduating in 2008.
And always following the same path I started my first work experiences, from which I tried to get the maximum to give even more definition to my passion. I wanted my training in the kitchen to be complete but at the same time to help me take a precise direction. I worked in the kitchen, in pastry shops and in pizzerias, and that’s how I realized that the right answer for me was pizza.

Because with pizza I really did not have to choose, I knew to give my creativity the possibility of having no limits. From the appetizer to the dessert, any dish I wanted to make could be combined with a well-leavened dough, turning a dish already unique in something even more special.


After the numerous awards obtained at home, in October 2014 Antonio Pappalardo made his “white art” going abroad.
The first consultation took Antonio in Australia (View Article), where he supervised the opening of the new “Pizzaperta” Pizzeria owned by Stefano Manfredi at “The Star” in Sydney.
The Cascina’s awards, all obtained in a very short time, have convinced Stefano Manfredi to deepen a knowledge born in Australia and then continued to Rezzato, and give “carte blanche” on the ingredients to be used, first of them the Molino Quaglia’s Petra flour which arrived for the first time in the continent.

In July 2019 Antonio returned to Australia for a consultation, in fact he supervised the opening of Pizzaperta, the new pizzeria by Stefano Manfredi in Sydney.

In 2017 Antonio’s pizzas arrived in Istanbul, Turkey. At the invitation of Fabio Brambilla, brand chef of the Dream group, Antonio flew to Istanbul to present his method of processing pizza, with great care and accuracy in processing and importance in the selection of raw materials.
From October of the same year the collaboration took shape with training for the group’s pizza makers, tasting evenings at pizzerias and workshops for the Turkish press.